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Four Star Supply offers a full complement of products, services and expertise for our Palouse community.

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Four Star Supply offers a full complement of products, services and expertise for our Palouse farmers. From weed control and pest control to crop nutrition, and application equipment, Four Star Supply has the expertise and equipment to handle the farmer’s needs. Four Star Supply has three full-service locations and one satellite location to serve our customers. Our Dusty, Colfax, and St. John full-service sites have field men to operate the equipment, shop personnel to help with equipment, and Agronomists to answer the questions and provide advice to help our growers succeed. If you want full service, partial service or no service at all we have the pricing to match the need.


Four Star Supply Farm Stores have been serving our customers since 1932 with friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you find whatever you are looking for. Diversity is what Four Star Supply offers in retail. Farm and Home retail sites offer feed, farm/ranch supplies, western clothing, hardware and tools. A little bit of everything in our stores. Convenience stores are also retail opportunities for our customers. Our Pullman 76 Store sets at the base of Washington State University in Pullman. Our Potlatch, Pomeroy, and Dusty sites are hybrid stores with convenience store offerings as well as farm supply needs for our rural customers. If you’re on the go give our quick stores a try.

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Fueling the Palouse for over eighty years, Four Star Supply has been delivering fuel and lubricants to farmers, construction sites, and homes. From 100 to 10,000 gallons Four Star can deliver the small loads or semi delivery. Additionally, Four Star Supply has six different retail fueling sites for your automobile fill ups. Lube it up with Four Star products. We offer multiple brands of oils and lubricants to fill your automobile needs as well as your equipment in the field. We also offer delivery of bulk oils to your shop or work site. Our diesel products sold at our retail sites and also delivered diesel products are all treated with “Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement”, giving your diesel cleaning agents, anti-icing additives, cetane boost up to four numbers, and water disbursement additives. Ask your delivery driver about our products.

Other Services

Four Star also has a Napa Auto Parts store and an industrial bearings division, two automobile service centers and a full service tire shop.. Our Napa store in Pomeroy has a full line of auto/truck needs and knowledgeable staff to help answer the questions. Our bearings division is part of our Pullman farm supply store and offers a wide source of industrial bearings, belts, and electrical motors for farming or industry needs. Our staff can find the product or special order with next day delivery if needed. Automotive service centers are at our Pomeroy and Colfax locations. Mechanics are on site to replace the windshield wiper or replace the engine, and everything in between. Our Colfax location also offers tire sales and service for all of your needs.

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