Four Star Supply Inc

Our Pullman 76 Store Location

Union 76 is the latest branding of our convenience store located at 975 East Main, Pullman, WA.

It offers the latest in technology at the pumps for unleaded, premium unleaded and premium diesel.  Get your DEF, oil, antifreeze, and windshield fluid inside the store.  The store is a great space that offers hot drinks ,pop, beer, snacks, lottery, breakfast, lunch, dinner hot foods and  a great Hot Stuff pizza!

Pullman 76 Location Features


Unleaded, Premium Unleaded & Diesel.

Convenience Store Supplies

Get supplies including DEF, Oil, Antifreeze, and Windshield Fluid and more!

Convenience Store Food

Offering hot drinks, soda, beer, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner hot foods and great Hot Stuff pizza!

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We have locations in Pullman, WA, Colfax, WA, Pomeroy, WA, Potlatch, ID, and St John, WA. Most sites have 24-hour on-site fueling and a retail store available. Our stock is catered for essential farming needs.

Located At: 975 E Main St, Pullman, WA 99163
Store Number: (509)332-2511

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